Cooking Pinto Beans In A Pressure Cooker

There was a time when we used to limit our homemadebeans vegetable recipes to the processed variety. However, always looking for the best in food led me to try cooking my own beans from peas.

I hesitated at first when I discovered that beans took quite a long a chance to make. Then I found an alternative way to make them. Enterpressure cooker. Of course, this is an excellent kitchen tool.

I know that many people fear so much them, because they cook under pressure. However, you do not have to worry. Today’s pressure ovens are safe and excellent for fast and healthy cooking.

Once you have cooked your own beans, you will not want to revisit processed beans, except in emergencies. These beans come out so delightful and they look a lot more delectable too.

  • tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp. pepper
  • 3 cups of washed dried pinto beans

Water, enough to cover the beans with 2-inches of water

All beans need to check for foreign things and washed thoroughly

Follow your pressure cooker’s instructions for specific cooking guidelines.

Put all the ingredients in pressure cooker. For my Voila 6 qt. pressure cooker, I close the cover safely. Placepressure regulator on the release pipe. I set the burning to great temperature to heat up so much to make pressure cooker until pressure regulator starts chattering, then I immediately lower heat to medial low level of temperature.

Cooking time starts when pressure regulator starts to stone. Reduce heat to method low or low, maintaining difficult, steady sporting motion and cook 50 minutes. If pressure regulator is allowed to stone intensely, excess vapor will escape. Therefore, too much fluid will disappear and food may ruin. Never leave a pressure cooker unwatched at great temperature configurations. It could steam dry, get too hot, and cause damage to pressure cooker and stovetop.

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When cooking is complete, switch off the burning. If using electric oven, CAREFULLY remove pot away from burning. Let pressure drop of its own conform, i.e. allow the pot to cool until pressureis reducedand the lid secure falls. It is now safe to removepressure regulator and the cover. Do not force the cover off if you feel the cover hard, it means it has still the pressure in it. You can put pressure cooker in the drain and run cold tap water over the lid until vapor no longer is getting out of from the release pipe, and the air vent/cover secure has decreased, then the cover will convert easily.

The beans are ready to serve.

Safety is important and it is good to know how to correctly, handle a pressure cooker. They really are great to have in the kitchen. Yes, you have to learn how to use them effectively, but it does not take long to get the hang of using one. After that, you will not want to cookbeans the long, slowly very ever again.

Now all you have to do is break out the tortillas, some hot marinade, bitter cream and guacamole marinade and you are good to go for one delightful burrito.

Serve and enjoy.